Zelda Adventure 1.5.2 Map for Minecraft 1.5.2

Zelda Adventure 1.5.2 is a map created by Gary520, with help from Spirale, which is currently a work in progress. The map is inspired by the game series The Legend of Zelda. Six dungeons have already been released. The current play time for this map is about 8-10 hours.  At the beginning of the game, you see Princess Zelda, who is captured and asks you for help. So, you’ll have to find where she’s being held and save her. There will be a real story in the final version (currently in progress).


zelda adventure map




Zelda Adventure Map 1.5.2 Features

  • A zelda story line which is fun from the start
  • Newly craftable armors and swords
  • Lots of new blocks
  • Beautiful premaes
  • Zelda Maps
  • New mobs to fight with
  • Dungeons and quests to keep the story going
  • Update for Minecraft 1.5

You can see the map trailer here :

How to instal Zelda Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.5.2?

  1. Extract the map on your desktop
  2. Rename it as “world#” in which this will replace your world # slot
  3. Find “run” by going to start menu
  4. Type “%appdatat%”
  5. Then find “.minecraft folder” which is located in your “roaming files”
  6. Find “saves” folder
  7. Put the map here
  8. DONE! Play :)

Download Zelda Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.5.1

  • slego266

    please make a video for how to install it

  • slego266

    please make a video for how to install it

  • http://daedaede sadasd

    yes ehem leave a video because it make me get confused ..

  • Tom

    just download the map then drag it into saves in .minecraft folder

    • ChaosBozo

      Yep thats so right
      and is there a texture pack for this?

      • Bibble

        Does the Mod install automaticly?

    • Okkor

      What does it mean by World#


      I have been trying to play this mod forever, I’m really starting to think that the whole thing is a sick twisted lie! You say it’s 1.5.1, I installed exactly the way you said, totally understood what you asked me to do, but no world. WTF is the deal!!! I want to play some minecraft zelda already, give me a break!

  • etdj

    i love this zelda game and minecraft wow

  • John

    Can you play this online?

  • Steven

    nice, a german video. make it english? ya know, most of us dont learn this stuff for a while

  • Mark

    how you download this???

    • Bibble

      OMG! Do you have winRAR or winZIP? no? you cant play

      • Larry

        You don’t need winrar or winzip all you need is 7zip and thats free

        • Unkown

          or Izarc

  • PickSword06

    il faut :

    -trouver ouvrir l’application Executer en appuyant sur les touches Win + R.

    -écrire %appdata% puis faire ” Ok “.

    -ouvrir le dossier ” .minecraft “.

    -on ouvre ” Zelda Adventure V0.9.7 ” Avec Winzip, Winrar ou 7zip.

    -on ouvre le dossier ” saves ” qui est dans le dossier ” .minecraft “.

    -on glisse le dossier qui se trouve dans ” Zelda Adventure V0.9.7 ” que vous avez donc ouvert avec Winzip, Winrar ou 7zip dans le dossier ” saves “.

    -ouvrez votre minecraft, allez en Solo, et jouez sur la map créer !

    Amicalement, PickSword06.

  • Smegle

    for all you are having trouble…download the map and go to your saved map data by oing to the start menu then run. then type in %appdata% then go to your .minecraft folder and open up saves and put the folders in. Next download adventurecraft and go back to the minecraft folder then open up the bin then the minecraft.jar. then you drag all the files from adventurecraft mod over to the minecraft.jar and then delete the META-INF folder and then run minecraft without updating. Hope this helps

    • rizard

      minecraft,jar is not working for me. it says “could not find the main class:ACLauncher. program will exit.” HELP!!!

    • http://Jesus Jesus

      Thank you this helped me out a lot :)

  • -anonymous-

    Doe this require adventurecraft?

    • uiversalfox

      of course it does

  • bert

    you have a link for the 1.4.2?

    the link says its a 1.3.2 link

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9emjalsOsE notch

      i couldnt downlod this, even with 1.3.2!
      but most mods (and maps ) are confused with 1.3.2, not 1.4.2. ( 1.4.2 is better)

      • notchisdead

        this map was only for until 1.3.2 there is no 1.4.2 map for this

  • iou ar a facker

    i laik map bicas is cul

  • blkpuma69

    all it tells me when i try to install adventure craft is invalid or corrupt java file any help would be nice please

  • blkpuma69

    or a download link would be even better to make sure i have the right one

  • Minecrafter9001

    What do you do with the rest of the stuff that’s put on your desktop? I think I found the map, but what about all the “.jar”s?

  • uriel

    you should put a one map for zelda skyward sword

  • dragoon

    u should also make one for minish cap :O the mechanics of going mini would be epic

  • Bambi <3's yuu!! o_0

    this is fuckin bullshit i cnt download the Zelda one because its a fucking school computer!!!

    • JonReled



    Nice Map And Is There A Mod For It? And How Do i iNSTALL mods????

  • Artharen.

    this be complecated

  • Name

    It’s 1.2.4 why do you even make it for download

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    come on notch

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    joga no peaceful?

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    Es mentira a mi no me deja jugar

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    can’t find download link for the map

  • derp12413121313142657356834784

    its for 1.3.2
    are they spanish

  • DragonSoul

    master sword obtainable?(or craftable)
    minecraft 1.4.7?

  • Okkor

    what Does it Mean by World#

  • Heber

    es para que minecraft? 1.4.7 o 1.5.0 para cual?

  • pailswails

    It doesn’t work. :3 Please help!

  • denk zelf

    is er een mod voor of niet

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    does this need mods installed?

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    its confused to be installed!!

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    how zelde adventure

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    what texture pack

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