The Twilight Forest Mod 1.4.7 for Minecraft 1.4.7


The Twilight Forest Mod is a great mod because it adds fantasy to the minecraft world. Not just mobs, but even weird creatures and treasures are implemented with this mod. If you ever watched “The lord of the rings” then this mod is definitely for you.


It also comes with some awesome features and I’m sure that you will like them all. The minecraft world is more flatter and grassier, new seven biomes were added, also lots of trees ( and they are like a billion ), premade environment with ancient ruine, huge bosses, awesome mazes and very mysterious and more and more challenges.

I’m not trying to convince you anymore, I’m sure you will like it because there is nothing not to like. So much new adventures to enjoy, just download the mod right away and start playing, it will be fun!

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  • Implemented new technology to give my structures multiple spawn lists
    • Turned off spawning on tower roofs
    • Turned off spawning in labyrinth treasure rooms
      • Removed torches from dead end treasure rooms
  • Added tower ghasts that spawn outside the tower
  • Changed around tower wood hardness, resistance & flammability a little
  • When tower ghasts are near a tower, they will stay near that tower
  • Skeleton druids
    • Fixed a problem with the robe model
    • Changed the item they drop to torchberries
    • Made skeleton druids also drop bones when killed
    • Added undead attribute
    • Switched their AI / attacking methods to some more recent ones
    • Fixed their sounds to use newer skeleton sounds
    • Druid nature bolt now potentially bonemeals grass it hits
    • Fixed breaking animation on nature bolt impact
  • Added a few alternate tower wood textures
  • Used spawner NBT tags to restrict the amount of mini ghasts spawning in the wooden beam mazes
  • Potentially prevented a lich crash when it takes damage from a null entity
  • Added tower block builder
  • Added block builder obstacle course
  • Added un-builder blocks
  • Added redstone lamp cluster decorations
  • Revised floor/center ratio in the large towers
  • Added entrance towers
  • Invented a new technology which marks a certain number of the smallest towers to generate keys in their treasure
  • Cleaned up some recipe results, fixing a bug where crafted uncrafting tables would have a metadata value of 1 instead of 0
  • Made it so that the moonworm queen can be refilled after any amount of use
  • Added a dispenser behavior for my monster spawn eggs
  • Began adding treasure rooms to the dead-end towers
  • Some revisions to the monster spawn list
  • Added tower iron golems
  • Added tower broodling, like a stronger swarm spider
  • Added tower termites, very similar to stronghold silverfish
  • Infested towerwood now spews out termites
  • Mini ghasts now follow most normal mob spawning restrictions, instead of ghast restrictions
  • Fixed tower ghasts to properly stay near their tower
  • Minor refactoring to swarm spider & hedge spider spawn light level checking
  • Towers now properly generate a locked door going to the next tower
  • Added & implemented tower keys, which generate in the proper towers
  • Implemented mob skull size hydra trophy
  • Added reappearing blocks in the entrance tower doors
  • Tweaked tower map icon
  • Added several new types of dark tower roof decoration
  • Added tower balconies to some towers
  • Refactored door code a little to support multiple types of doors (vanishing, reappearing, locked)
  • Added temp skins to tower monsters
  • Marked tower monsters [wip]
  • Gave temp mob egg colors to tower monsters
  • Gave the tower key item a temporary icon
  • Marked inactive reappearing blocks as able to be harvested
  • Changed a few cases where I was returning null instead of an empty spawn list (thanks, Davidee)
  • Added a configuration option for admin-only portals
  • Stopped skeletal druid projectiles from transforming things they shouldn’t
  • Removed [NYI] tag from hydra trophy, since it’s there, and removed [WIP] tags from the tower device blocks I am happy with
  • Also removed [WIP] from wolf of the mists, since they’re working as intended


Installation tutorial:

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API;
  2. Download The Twilight Forest MOD;
  3. Locate your MODS folder inside the minecraft folder;
  4. Drag all the content of the downloaded MOD inside the MODS folder;
  5. Have fun!

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  • sean

    Really how does this mod have any relation to Twilight other than the name?

    • cbw19

      It’s not the movie you derp it’s the lighting type >.>

  • simon

    its twilight all the time and you are playing in a forest (twilight-forest)

  • Jack

    How the hell do you kill the skeleton lich?