Trains and Zeppelin Mod 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Trains and Zeppelin Mod - Currently there are 80 train models 1 helicopter model and 1 zeppelin model in version 3.release.

Trains and Zeppelin Mod

  • Adds new cart models.
  • 3 new steam locomotives.
  • 2 diesel locomotives.
  • Track builder.
  • New detector rails.
  • Signals Red/Green lights.


Changelogs TC v3.1.13_030

  • Rewrote train workbench to be a tile entity (Now keeps items on close)
  • Added shapeless recipes for train workbench
  • Added missing recipes for trains (15)
  • Added an option for steel being in ore dictionary
  • Fixed ore spawn rates, ores will no longer go crazy
  • Fixed some minor GUI lighting issues
  • Fixed Assembly table tooltip (no. of known recipes)
  • Fixed camera glitching on trains
  • Fixed some rotation problems on trains
  • Fixed tracks builder digging down and getting stuck
  • Fixed NPE on builder cart on server
  • Fixed GUI opening while in chat


  1. Download a version of forge here.
  2. Download Traincraft (below)
  3. Install Forge FIRST! (We suggest you use MutiMc for convenience)
  4. Place the .jar in mods folder in .minecraft folder (Mods folder in “edit mods” if using MultiMc)
  5. You’re done. Go play

Download Trains and Zeppelin Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7

  • Dr. x.

    This doesn’t make any sense, even if I wait the 20 seconds, all it does if give me the option to download ilivid? Where are the mods themselves? I keep installing ilivid and it’s running… Where are the mods?

    • SkylordSmith000

      when it come’s up with the page click the yellow skip ad not livid thing.ok?

    • Nick

      Don’t download ilivid or any of that crap, if you are ever downloading a mod, only download it if it is the mod, nothing else cause itll just ruin your computrer, and that ilivid is a piece of shit

  • Bas

    @dr. x. je klikt steeds op een advertentie,
    de download link staat onder de installeerinstructie

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    Where is the fucking download page?!

  • Tim

    What is the point of making a mod that doesn’t even have a download page to download it!?
    Worst mod ever!

    • -_- lol….

      I wish that you look at the (skip ad) button… -_-
      Worst Situasion ever!

  • Tim

    Can anyone please help me?

  • Tim

    I finally found the download page thanks to admin!

  • derp

    does not work for me stuck on minecraft screen need help

  • http://... Rewaider

    There is a mod that dont is compatible with your Trains and Zeppelin Mods.
    Or your Minecraft is not atualized

  • samuel202

    not work MOTHER FUCKER

  • Tyra

    Why doesn’t work for me the tracks builder? I put the coal dusts to fuel and next to that the iron ignots, and nothing happens. Please anyone help me! Thanks.

  • need help

    please make a vid how to install

  • Big_penis


  • Miner132

    installed it correctly, i
    -deleted META-INF
    -Installed forge
    -placed train and zeppelin mod into the mods folder

    Result —> nothing? T^T

  • Pokecafrft2001

    Is it unversal?

  • holyhuman123

    Is Only Have Train Mod Where Zeppelin Mod I Do Nor Found The Mod

  • holyhuman123

    Nor-Not I Wrong Write

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    Where is META INF?

    • John6328

      In Minecraft.jar -_-

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    How can I download it?????

  • Hector

    How about for 1.5.2

  • Hector

    Which page could I download the zeppelin mod for 1.5.2

  • KhaledGR

    how to join trains and a passenger cart together?

  • admin

    Click on text, Download Trains and Zeppelin Mod 1.4.5 for Minecraft 1.4.5 ! (