TooManyItems 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

TooManyItems 1.5.2 – Download Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2. Although Minecraft is such a fun game, sometimes it can get boring and when it gets boring, this mod is the best way to make Minecraft interesting again. With TooManyItems you can now create items or enchant them, load or save the entire inventories or even create infinite stacks and tools.



  • you can spawn any mob you want;
  • you can add full stacks of items with left-click or just one at the time with right-click;
  • you can enchant an item by changing its level;
  • you can simply delete items by dropping them on the trash icon;
  • you can easily change the game difficulty without going into game preferences;
  • vanilla server command was implemented;
  • fast crafting was also implemented but it only works while the inventory overlay is disabled.

Video tutorial for install TMI for Minecraft 1.5.1 in this video:

How to instal TooManyItems Mod?

  • Download Modloader and install it.
  • Download TooManyItems Mod and browse your bin folder inside the minecraft folder.
  • Open minecraft.jar with winrar and delete the META-INF folder.
  • Open TooManyItems Mod zip file and drag all the files into your minecraft.jar.
  • Enjoy the mod!


  • Update for Minecraft 1.5
  • Can move large/unlimited stacks around (SP)
  • Fixed delete in creative inventory (SP)
  • Enabled game’s extended item tooltips (F3 + H)
  • Escape key defocuses search box
  • Scroll wheel no longer scrolls both TMI and creative inventory at once
  • Restore health only works when alive (prevents glitching) (SP)

Download TooManyItems for Minecraft 1.5.2

Download TooManyItems for Minecraft 1.5.1

Download TooManyItems for Minecraft 1.4.7

  • zan6387

    FINALY toomanyitems has came out for the new 1.5 update

  • Chiara

    The torch spawner doesn’t work: it spawns sand block:( How can I fix it? (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Joezen

    i didn’t down load mod loader but it still works

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    Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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    Na Jakiej stronie moszna pobrać moda jekiegoś ma wersje minercraft 1.5.2 ? bo nie mam modów ale miałem xD Mody som Wajne Do Gier… xxxDDD Wajowe mody do minecraft 1.5.2 X…