Minecraft Snapshot

Minecraft Snapshot 13w06a

A new snapshot appears, there are many fixed bugs and new things… Bugs list fixes: Pigs constantly jumping, when player control them on half slabs and stairs. Z-fighting of iron bars / glass panes with the block below / above Leaves replace transparent blocks Clouds have a transparency when you are above/in them but not

Minecraft Snapshot 13w03a

It’s snapshot time! With jeb_ focusing on Pocket Edition this week, Dinnerbone has been working on bug fixes and a couple of new features: Made Zombies & Skeletons stronger, scaled to difficulty Added a new Dropper block Added a Minecart with Hopper item Added some new chat options (In multiplayer menu) Moved Texture Pack option

Download Minecraft Snapshot 12w40a

Minecraft Snapshot 12w40a Changelog Minor terrain additions for the witch Flatworld configuration now allows you to generate trees, strongholds etc A number of new NBT tags for items (intended for custom map makers) The pick block action now works on items Pressing the 1-9 hotkeys while hovering over an item will put that item into