R3D.Craft 1.5.2 Texture Pack Minecraft 1.5.2

R3D.Craft 1.5.2 – Download R3D.Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.2, Default Realism Texture Pack is amazing and also very popular. Now the textures are so detailed and everything seems to be more alive. This texture pack is great if you want to experience vanilla at a whole new level. This texture pack implements into the vanilla minecraft all the resolution so that’s why it is so great. Yes, by all the resolution I mean x32, x64, x128, x256 and even x512. I’m sure you always wanted to know what is like to have a HD experience in vanilla minecraft, well now you can have it thanks to this texture pack. Everything feels so amazing now and it looks almost like something that’s 3D with nice animations and lively colours. Don’t wait anymore, download this texture pack and experience vanilla at its new level.




R3D Craft HD 1.5.2 Changelog

  • Converted R3D.CRAFT to the new texture pack system (Minecraft 1.5 update)
  • Added still Water animation.
  • Added Fire animation.
  • Added Netherquartz block.
  • Added Item Frame.
  • Added all three Anvil textures.
  • Added Squid mob (R3D: smooth version).
  • Added Zombie mob.
  • Added Villager Zombie mod.
  • Added Gold Ingot item.
  • Added Iron Ingot item.
  • Added Nether Brick item.
  • Added Brick item.
  • Added Bed item.
  • Added Wooden Door item.
  • Added Iron Door item.
  • Added Blaze Rod item.
  • Added Leather item.
  • Added Emerald item.
  • Added new Compass animation item.
  • Added new Clock animation item.
  • Added Raw/Cooked Beef item.
  • Added Raw/Cooked Porkchop item.
  • Added Frame item.
  • Added Eye of Ender item.
  • Added Fireworks item.
  • Added Potion item.
  • Added Hopper GUI.
  • Added new Minecraft menu logo.
  • Changed Steve mob.
  • Changed Creeper mob.
  • Changed Grass block.
  • Changed Dirt block.
  • Changed Snow block.
  • Changed Mycel block.
  • Changed Sand block.
  • Changed Brick block.
  • Changed Stone block.
  • Changed Snow block.
  • Changed particles.
  • Changed Art (paintings).
  • Created new official logo for R3D.CRAFT.
  • Updated copyright info.

BLUR – Minecraft Cinematic (w/ Sonic Ether’s Shaders + Water Shader + Real Clouds + Mountain Map) in this video

Download and install steps for R3D Craft HD Texture Pack:

  1. Download Optifine HD 1.5 and install it;
  2. Download R3D.Craft, Default Realism TEXTURE Pack;
  3. Locate your TEXTUREPACKS folder inside the minecraft folder;
  4. Drag all the content of the downloaded TEXTURE inside the TEXTUREPACKS folder;
  5. Play minecraft and have fun!

[32x] Download R3D Craft HD for Minecraft 1.5.2

[64] Download R3D Craft HD for Minecraft 1.5.2

[128] Download R3D Craft HD for Minecraft 1.5.2

[256] Download R3D Craft HD for Minecraft 1.5.2

[512] Download R3D Craft HD for Minecraft 1.5.2

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  • Terradoss

    Really quite impressed with the texture pack. I am however unable to load up the 512x resolution version. Shows up in the texture list just fine, but selecting it causes the client to crash and then subsequent attempts to load the game with the pack still in the texture pack folder results in a black screen and freeze. Shame really, pretty shiny textures :)