Portal Gun 1.5.1 Mod Minecraft 1.5.1

Portal GUN 1.5.1 – Download PortalGun Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1. Even in real life we would love a machine that could teleport us. But we are talking about minecraft and it is possible! With this mod you can teleport yourself wherever you shoot the portals with your Portal Gun. With this MOD you can have a lot of fun. Imagine you are in the top of a building and you jump from there and while you are flying just create a portal. After that you can teleport in air to that portal you just created. Here comes some features: Turrent gun that shots anything except you, Energy launcher which kill at impact, you can incinerate everything with Material Emancipation Grid, no damage from falling with Advanced Knee Replacements and THE PORTAL GUN who, as I said, teleports you through your portal.


Video preview Portal in Minecraft:

Portal Gun Mod 1.5.1 Changelog

  • Fixed crashing issue with packet payload too large (due to too many players :O )
  • Fixed turrets targeting players who placed them although set not to. Turrets will have to be replaced.
  • Fixed turretMode 3 not targeting hostile mobs.
  • Fixed “floating portal” bug when portals are placed on floating sand.
  • Increased raytrace of moon portal shooting to 500 blocks to decrease chance of “accidents”
  • Added command option to clear moon portals onto existing clearPortals command.
  • Added option to disallow command executers to be grabbed with the portal gun.

Installation stuff for Portal Gun 1.5.1:

  1. Download MC Forge API and install it;
  2. Download Portal Gun Mod;
  3. Drag all files from Portal Gun folder into your MODS folder;
  4. Enjoy your gun!

Download Portal Gun Mod 1.5.1 for Minecraft 1.5.1