Minecraft 1.4.5 – PokeMobs Mod 1.4.5

Pokeballs, Pokemons, Pokemobs! Have you ever heard of Creeps and weirdos mod? That adds many new mobs to Minecraft. If you have heard of it, then you should know what are pokemobs for. Pokemobs adds new mobs into Minecraft! Well, not just mobs from anywhere, it’s from the most popular cartoon for kids (and adults), Pokemon! So a Pokemobs mod works just like a real pokemon. You craft a pokeball, throw at a pokemon, then summon it out, and then they aid you in battles! They also have some evolution system! Nameplates! Healthbars! Many more!

How to instal PokeMobs Mod 1.4.5?

  1. Download and install ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, AudioMod, and Dr. Zhark’s Custom Spawner. In past versions, players also needed to download Turbo Model Thingy, but now that mod is included in the PokeMobs file.
  2. Download PokeMobs 1.4.5
  3. Find your Minecraft.jar and open it using any extraction program
  4. Merge the ‘Resources’ folder in the PokeMobs zip into the resources folder in Minecraft.jar (just drag and drop all of the contents from PokeMobs into the .jar folder)
  5. Find the ‘Everything in this goes in your jar’ folder, open it, and drag all of those files into the .jar folder
  6. Fire up Minecraft and enjoy!

Download PokeMobs Mod 1.4.5 for Minecraft 1.4.5

  • ColeDXZX

    Where can I find the Dr. Zhark’s Custom Spawner? 1.3.2

    • Jake

      At his Mo’Creatures forum page. Scroll, and there are links for Mo’ Creatures, GUI api, Forge, and Dr. Zhark’s Custom Spawner.

  • ColeDXZX

    Where can I find the Dr. Zhark’s Custom Spawner? 1.3.2

  • Eli Aka Grottle123

    this is still 1.2.5 don't lie to us

    • Johm2003

      Why do i have to download all this?

      • http://aa34 omit730


      • weegeemaster

        If u really want this mod then download all this crap

  • http://aa34 omit730


  • EdacII

    Where is Dr.Zharks custom spawner?

  • jamie

    how do i download it?

    • weegeemaster

      It tells u

  • Lolipop


  • Rosen

    And when they will put the mod pokemon 1.4.6 ??

  • D_G

    be nice if you could update it to 1.4.6..

  • Danny

    This internet website didn’t even give me the pokecraft