More Explosives 1.5.2 Mod Minecraft 1.5.2

More Explosive Mod is exactly what you think it is and yes, it implements into your minecraft world more explosives so you can blow up everything you want! Oh, trust me, this is fun as hell because of the features that it implements. These features are: missiles, detonator cord, fireworks, c4 explosive, nuclear explosive, time bombs ( if you are a little bit creative this could be really fun ), smoke grenades, tunneling explosive, remote detonators, fuse and BAZOOKAS! Yeah, spam all the way with bazooka, that what I did the first time when I played this MOD. Well, if you like special effects then this MOD is something that you should have! Download it right now, install it and experience it! After you are done, come back to us and tell us how it was!





Crafting and Recipes:


C4 can be activated with redstone, flint & steel, fuse or an explosion. After the fuse has burnt, it will explode with twice the power of TNT. It doesn’t drop any items, which improves performance.

Nuclear Explosive

Nuclear Explosives can be activated with redstone, flint & steel, fuse or an explosion. They create a massive explosion, that can destroy over 1.4 million blocks. They destroy everything except bedrock.

Time Bomb

Time bombs can be right-clicked to open a GUI. In the GUI there are various delay options ranging from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. Once an option is selected, it will begin counting down. When the timer ends, it will explode with around 30 times the power of TNT.


Bazookas can be right clicked to fire C4, bundled C4, lava bombs and nuclear explosives in the direction you are looking. They have 256 uses in survival mode and infinite uses in creative.

for more crafting and recipes:

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Minecraft Forge API and install it;
  2. Download More Explosive MOD;
  3. Locate your MODS folder inside the minecraft folder;
  4. Drag all the content of the downloaded MOD into your MODS folder;
  5. Have fun exploding things!

Download More Explosives Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • tycho

    why do i have to download useless shit?

    • rty

      why with the bad talk !_!

  • problem

    I did what u wrote to do but it didn’t worked.
    I installed modloader (put in the files), deleted Meta-inf, installed more explosions files. But it didn’t worked.

    • some guy

      it is easier to just instal forge and shove the zip file into mods

  • Dudely

    Tried to download it when I try to unzip wont open

  • dsdsdsd

    You just need to install modloader and just put the files of the mod in the .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar and thats it (if you have a fcked up minecraft bin like me it wont work)

    • ???

      Yeah dsdsdsd Is Right Just Put It To Mod Folder For Example To open .minecraft
      1.Click Start On Your desktop
      2 Write Run
      3 if You Open Run Just Write %AppData%
      4 Open Your .minecraft
      5 Open The Mod Folder
      6 Drag The Zip Of Your downloaded “MoreExplosives”
      7 You Done
      8 Open Minecraft
      9 Happy Playing Okay
      This Is Perfect For Windows 7,But if You Asking me A Mac I’dont Now!!!
      Just Test It if You Not Trust Me Okay Bye Guys (Thanks My Mod now 17)

  • hfgfgfgf

    it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!

  • hfgfgfgf

    like problem, the same


    thx man its actually work


    everytime i go to village on superflat i crash

  • http://trymining jorge

    i down loded and nothing happend.why

  • Austin

    The mod works, but non of the blocks of the mod have textures! Can someone please help me fix this?