Modloader 1.7.4 for Minecraft 1.7.4

Risugami’s Modloader 1.7.4 - Download Mod Loader for Minecraft 1.7.4 is one of the best Mincraft mod manager, because it stops any other conficts caused by multiple mods installed, such as recipes changing modes, rendering, fuel and others. Since the first days of Minecraft, Risugami, one of it’s developers, continued to update this mode with the latest edition of Minecraft. This mod stop any other conflicts with entities, interface, recipes, fuel and also smeltables. You can use it for experiments, just decompile it and learn in order to become a modder. Just inherit BaseMod and add any other methods you wish. The prefix of the mod’s main class should be preceded by ‘mod_’. For other informations, read the Javadoc file.


Video tutorial for install Modloader for Minecraft 1.5.2:

Guide of instalation on Windows/MAC for ModLoader 1.5.2

For Windows

  • Press start and write %appdata% into the search bar, then push enter.
  • Now search for .minecraft/bin folder.
  • Open minecraft.jar with WinRar or 7Zip.
  • Extract the Modloader files to minecraft.jar.
  • Delete META-INF.
  • That’s all!

For Macintosh

  • Go to Applications—>Utilities and open terminal.
  • Write the following exactly how it is written, line by line.
cd ~
mkdir mctmp
cd mctmp
jar xf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  • Now leave the terminal and find the mctmp directory.
  • Copy all of your folders and files from Modloader over to there.
  • Now get back inside the terminal type in the following exactly how it is written, line by line.
jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./
cd ..
rm -rf mctmp
  • That’s it! Now you can run modded Minecraft!

Download Modloader for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • alex

    keep getting black screen ive tried everything

    • jonah

      delete the mods file and run it through again

    • david

      Same here i cant find any thing and i have a mac and i have tried about 30 minecraft forge files i need help!

      • AL

        try version forge 6.3.0:378

        • ibtuup

          i dont think that forge goes along with regular modloader

    • alex

      wtf my name is alex bon in August 20

    • Madd Dawg 74

      make sure to delete META-INF folder

    • hawkeye500

      delete the META-INF on winrar

    • Nikolaj

      I get a black screen too, where do I find the mods to be deleted? I cant find the download link either, I just get to iLivid page


      Or, maybe you can delete the META_INF file in your .jar like you were supposed to. Good luck makin it work!

  • alex

    keep getting black screen ive tried everything

    • MinecraftGood

      Download now and how to go on Minecraft1.3.2

  • MinecraftGood

    Download now and how to go on Minecraft1.3.2

  • MinecraftGood

    Download now and how to go on Minecraft1.3.2 !

  • dragon4477

    it does not work my minecraft crashes,I have downloaded 15 modloader and they all crash.

    • MinecraftGood

      Reinstall Minecraft (del .minecraft folder and update) and instal modloader :)

  • jovanni

    i tried it with the clay soldiers mod for 1.3.2 and it crashes! i have modloader for 1.3.2 and my minecraft version is 1.3.2. what should i do to get clay soldiers working? btw your website is awesome!

  • dee

    doesnt work on 12w37a ,

    • admin

      Is for Minecraft 1.3.2

  • Kortak

    Why they always remove the old links.. i need modloader versions for 1.3.2 not this new crap

  • Christina

    I tried everything but i dont have winrar or 7zip!!!Pls Help

  • Suntzu

    I want it for 1.4.2 seeing as smart moving hasn’t updated

  • connor

    I cant find the download link where is it?

  • edwardg

    with mac you go to the ‘Go’ button thing in finder up the top, you hold option and then click on the library that pops up, then go to application support, minecraft and theres the folder! minecraft.jar is in the bin folder. I suggest dragging the minecraft folder to the top of the finder box to you can get to it with one click. DO NOT MOVE THE FOLDER OUT OF APPLICATION SUPPORT!

  • Cole Macgrath

    I cna’t delete META-INF

  • Pedro

    Se me crashea Ayudenmeee porfa!!

    • admin

      Hi, look at the video above!

  • Risugma

    Ill try to fix these after all i am a busy man ;)

  • the_crazy

    I don’t get what to do on number 3, it confuses me

  • Cristerela

    Hi, Umm okay here’s my problem I’m in Malaysia and the internet bar here is 2 so I cant update my minecraft into 1.4.6 so I am begging any of you here to set up .Minecraft folder for download and please be the 1.4.6 version i really wanna play begging much lol please i miss minecraft its been 3 years since i opened the game after buying it years ago… O.o

  • Kenny

    It shows up with another browser about this “Any video converter” what do i do?

  • THcrafter123

    Where do I download the modloader?

    • 098

      Under the download link that says DOwnload

  • grey

    i think its broken

  • That_Cute_Kid13

    Ummm…. the newest forge mod does not work so don’t use that one. Therese a prob with it

  • Imari

    Don’t download, the page it takes you after the adfly takes you to a page that will transmit a virus into your computer!

  • Duckbuscus48

    okay tancks bro

  • Aguy

    Minecraft keeps crashing!!!! What do i do?!?! i did everything!

    • Zane Root

      1. delete all the files in ur .minecraft minecraft.
      3. on the launcher,click optins,then force update
      5.close minecraft,and install modloader.

      worked for me.

  • greenbird

    where is META-INF. ?
    i have not fuond them

  • MissPredator

    its easy 2 download

  • noname

    @9a64b6441fd2dff6fcdef5f299f053c9:disqus update

  • gavinboesch

    my thing keeps saying url blocked

  • Nom

    Does t work for FTB servers?


    Aguy i suggest downloading the Magic Launcher (its what i use) its so simple even people with empty minds can understand it……..So if your having troubles download the Magic Launcher.

  • yus

    wheres the download button

  • Hoven


  • creeperguy

    how do i use the modloader?

  • hhiuguoj9phuj

    wht link do i click on to download it

  • davidkaog / nJ RepHeater

    I got “Need for speed world” too look at the video upside xD.

  • Halo Reach

    how do i download it

  • Iamtehnomnom

    I’ve downloaded ALL the things I need for a mod including this, and the mod has the blocks and new music, but the new mobs that are supposed to spawn dont work! HELP ME PLZ!!!

  • Alejandro

    No puedo, dice k ” A ecepcion de java se ha ocurrido ” pero en ingles , me quede en minecraft.jar algo asi AyuDenMe plisSs :(

  • MuliCraftOfficial

    Hey. Would you be able to possibly use my videos for some of the How to Install spotlights of the Reviews. Thanks -MCO

  • lennyboy

    Minecraft Download You sucks Livid is Hacking your Computer do not Download!

  • Alex

    HELP i deleted META.inf and everything, it worked once, but every time i download a modloader 1.5 and put it on, it black screens. i took all my mods out of my mods folder so i know its not that. all i have is optifine and as soon as i add modloader i black screen

  • ProGamer

    I cant find META-INF

  • ProGamer

    Cant find META-INF

  • pron

    Your means of telling the whole thing in this piece of writing is genuinely good, every one can
    simply be aware of it, Thanks a lot.

  • alalalallala

    mod loader is great

  • Bob

    i dont have meta inf

  • Peterjulianthemodinstaller

    1. Open run
    2. Type %appdata% Roaming/Minecraft/Bin/Minecraft press right Choose Open with winrar archiver down
    3.Open Mod Loader 1.5.2
    4.MInecraft.jar Open
    5.All files of Mod Loader Extract it to minecraft.jar
    6. Download Magic launcher 1.1.6
    7.If u Download so.. Open Magic lancher 1.1.6 so go to setup Environment Choose:Classic Select Bin/Minecraft.jar so says Modified!
    So go to the down Press Add Choose Bin/Minecraft.jar
    So Complete
    8.Enjoy for Mod

    Warning! make sure Delete the Meta-Inf and make sure that your playing is 1.5.2
    I will not answer if u saying cruel words

  • Glenn

    There’s a problem with the Bash command (namely there’s a space in the ‘Application Support’ folder).

    The line (un-jar) should read like this:

    ar xf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar

    The re-jar should look like this:

    jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar ./

  • Glenn


    The un-jar (first) line should be:

    jar xf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar