Minecraft Version Changer Tool 1.4.7 for Minecraft 1.4.7


Minecraft Version Changer Tool is so useful and it does what the title says. This tool can generate and restore backups, can change your game version and all you can do is to choose from one of the servers where it is located.


You can change between the minecraft version very easily just by clicking the drop-down list and choose what version you want. Also this tool can generate backups in case you want to save something like your installed mods or you can restore your backup no matter what operating system you are using. And as I said, there are three servers from which you can choose. Those servers are for version changing because when you change your minecraft version a little patch is downloading.

Well, nothing more to say. This tool is great if you want to change your minecraft version to any older or newer.

Installation tutorial:

  1. About installing, it is the same on every tool. Just run the executable file and you are done and ready for changing the version of your game. Have fun!

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