Minecraft 1.4.4 FULL – Download FREE

Download FREE and FULL CLIENT Minecraft 1.4.4

Download Minecraft 1.4.4

How to instal Minecraft 1.4.4 FREE?

  1. Download Minecraft 1.4.4 by MinecraftGood.Com.rar
  2. Extract archive (can use Winrar)
  3. Open Minecraft.exe
  4. Click on Force Update, place name and click on Enter Game
  5. Minecraft 1.4.4 for FREE!!!

  • SkyBlueSky

    Can i add mods to it???

  • SKYGameZ

    Yes i played with mods it works fine :-)

  • VinceKK

    Does the multiplayer work in this 1?

  • MariJuana

    How i download this?

    • http://minecraftgood.com admin

      Click on Download Minecraft 1.4.4 !

    • brandon

      can i plese get minecraft for full free minecraft my prents have no junmpser

  • creeper

    I cant download

  • shehabminecrafter

    does multiplayerwork cuz in mineshafter it doesnt

  • johnny

    can i play online with this minecraft 1.4.4? reply plz

    • FDeguzman15

      Update to minecraft 1.4.5 to play online! :))
      * Fixed “Open to LAN” feature
      * Fixed incorrect positions of certain particles

  • eric

    how do you download this

  • wali


  • wali

    how do i download minecraft??

  • notch

    does this have multiplayer

  • notch

    what mod can u use?

  • zombies

    iam doesnt download minecraft

  • Ender dragon

    i can’t down load? where is the down load all of the places that i should be able to go to go to differnet things that are stuuf that isn’t even realated :(

  • dead skeleton

    I can t this game download plz replay this game plz plz pzl !!!

  • dead skeleton

    no mod,no game!!

  • dead skeleton

    I am minecraft game (5) :D

  • dead man

    sw all! this game bad!no play this game plz plz!

  • Kico
  • dan

    when I click download a new tab appears and the Flowplayer . What will I do?????????

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  • the robin endison

    notch what minecraft server tell me

  • skeleton

    wow :) hehehe i cant download :D :D hehehe

    • Guest


      • skeleton


  • skeleton

    well done :D !!!! hehehehe well

  • jordan

    Yes but no one play minecraft 1.4.4 some only play the minecraft 1.4.4 but i got to try to play becase
    i always play minecraft 1.4.7