Minecraft 1.4.3 Official Download

Minecraft 1.4.3 Official Download – Download last mojang minecraft update !

Minecraft 1.4.3 Changelogs

  • Over 100 issues fixed, full list here: 1.4.3 issue list
  • Notable: The missing song “where are we now” is now available, but called “wait”
  • Notable: Random falling damage due to lag fixed
  • Notable: Falling damage when riding minecarts fixed
  • Notable: Enchanted book exploit fixed
  • Notable: Slimes have correct collision box
  • Notable: Signs no longer lose their text client-side

Download Minecraft 1.4.3 for Windows

Download Minecraft 1.4.3 for MAC OS X

Download Minecraft 1.4.3 for Linux / Other

Download Minecraft 1.4.3 Multiplayer Server

  • http://www.leninja.com.br samuel

    are you sure this is official?

    i used force update in my minecraft and it didn’t updated.

    • http://minecraftgood.com admin

      These are official links.

  • Sima

    Twl aj ja chcem MINECRAFT :D