Mars Mission Map 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Mars Mission Map 1.5.2 – Mars Mission Map for Minecraft 1.5.2 . You need minecraft 1.5.2 custom adventure map ?Download mars mission map for minecraft.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Use the 16x MARS MISSION texture pack, included with the map download!!  The game will be unrecognizable without it – NO PATCHER is needed.
  • Begin on PEACEFUL difficulty, and increase the difficulty when instructed.
  • DO NOT leave the bedrock wall boundary (Luna).
  • DO NOT leave the crater wall boundary (Mars).
  • PORTALS are “Out of Character” entrances to major encounters (think ‘dungeons’ or ‘instances’ in MMOs).
  • You CAN CRAFT, but do not craft; buttons, pressure plates, levers, or redstone torches.
  • You CAN recharge your laser pistol (bow) with energy bolts (arrows) looted from mobs and laser turrets (dispensers).
  • DO NOT BREAK or PLACE blocks, except as noted below.
  • GREEN CRYSTAL ORE (redstone ore) can be MINED for GREEN CRYSTALS (redstone).
  • You can ONLY PLACE flares/keys (redstone torches) on top of fenceposts.  DO NOT BREAK, once placed.
  • You can BREAK and PLACE normal torches.
  • Alien SPAWNERS can be broken.
  • STANDING SIGNS are dialogue or “Out of Character” notes.  They can be broken.
  • WALL SIGNS are computer screens and should not be broken.
  • Try not to break paintings from the walls (there are a lot of them).
  • DO NOT PLACE BEDS in the Nether!
  • GREEN CRYSTALS (redstone) will be your score (I believe you can get 200 – 215 depending on how many drop from mining redstone ore).


  • Unique SciFi theme, intricately detailed environment
  • Custom Texture Pack (required)
  • 2 Custom Skins
  • Unique approach to over 70 NPCs, each with roles and ‘attitudes’ toward the player
  • 100% in-game signs, no external notes files
  • Main storyline takes you to the Moon and Mars
  • ~365,000 square block playable area
  • Never-before-seen puzzles
  • 6 major encounters, many minor encounters for extra loot and score
  • Green Power Crystals (Redstone Dust) are your score
  • Checkpoints with storage, fast transport, and/or sound effects
  • Named waypoints (once you reach checkpoints) for teleporting back to quest hubs
  • Over 70 Easter Eggs and a secret hidden puzzle

Mars Mission Map Changelog for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • mobSpawning false = Play on ANY difficulty!!
  • keepInventory option at spawn (off by default)
  • Eternal night
  • Beds at checkpoints replaced with /spawnpoint command blocks
  • Ender Chests added at checkpoints
  • Introduced spawners on Mars
  • Updates some textures
  • Minor easter eggs added
  • Updated final room of the super secret challenge
  • Slight extension to the final dungeon
  • Replaced the final effect to eliminate lag (thanks to Faume)
  • Other, miscellaneous fixes

How to instal Mars Mission Map?

  1. Go to your start menu and find RUN
  2. Type %appdata%
  3. Go to .minecraft folder
  4. Then saves folder
  5. Copy and paste your maps here
  6. Enjoy, play minecraft

Download Mars Mission Map for Minecraft 1.5.2

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