LB Photo Realism Texture Pack 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

LB Photo Realism Texture Pack 1.5.2 - Download LB Photo Realism Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.5.2. This pack was originally to appease my insatiable hunger toward making this game as realistic as possible. What started as a compilation of other mods became a new texture pack of it’s own.


  • Added latest textures for the terrain.png
  • Updated items.png to latest items
  • Updated particles.png
  • Added the new GUI


How to instal LB Photo Realism Pack for Minecraft?

  1. Download the one that suits you the most.
  2. Download MCPatcher and then Run it, click patch.
  3. Drag the LB Photo Realism that you choose. (Don’t extract just drag it)
  4. Play!


The default Minecraft resolution. I’m going to work on this quite a bit to make it look better. Again, only created out of personal request. =)
Mediafire Link:

I had a few personal requests to do these lower resolution textures. They still need heavy refinements but still came out pretty decent with the downsampling. I won’t be doing compressed versions of these since it would simply be redundant.
Mediafire Link:
RapidShare Link: (Not to 1.5 update yet)

For those who aren’t capable of running the other HD packs, but are still a loyal fan or just love their fps more than visual effects.
Mediafire Link:
RapidShare Link: (Not to 1.5 update yet)
Compressed Version: (Not 1.8 Compatible)

(128×128) DOWNLOAD LINK:
The standard 128×128 which this pack was originally made in when I first started.
Mediafire Link:
RapidShare Link: (Not to 1.5 update yet)
Compressed Version: (Not 1.8 Compatible)

(256×256) DOWNLOAD LINK:
This is probably my best work of art. It’s was a continuation off of nickhimself’s 256 pack from way back in the day when it never seemed possible.
Mediafire Link:
RapidShare Link: (Not to 1.5 update yet)
Compressed Version: (Not 1.8 Compatible)

Credits: Scuttles @ MinecraftForum

Info: All downloads links  are official, from MinecraftForum!

  • Broshi Omnominus

    the download link is broken

    • MinecraftGood

      Link now works ! :)

  • Double(*J*)

    sorry I had to skip ad link works

  • ¬¬`


  • Nocth

    This is a very nice Texture pack

    • Austin

      Hey notch i saw herobrine on multiplayer your dead brother i checked the list to see if i was getting trolled it did not say herobrine now the sever was mod free i was a V.I.P i spawned normaly and then i saw him but when my friend (AKA the owner) saw him he dispapeard and then everyone left without it saying “player has left the game” and i was the only one there herobrine was gone i didn`t get a picture of him i left the game then the next update i didnt play multiplayer at all then a few year later (AKA today) i decided to get this texturepack and then here i am ._.

      • ben

        its not notch, as notch’s username is Notch (Obviously) This guys is Nocth

  • md

    No carrots or potatoes?

  • fsdggdgx

    wtf ? no carrots and potatoes o.O) ….. FIX PLS faast

  • lilocowboy

    When will this be updated with the anvil and all the other stuff it seems to be missing at this moment? Just curious. This is my favorite texture pack but I have to use another at this time so I can see everything. 8( Love this texture pack. 8)

  • joshua

    Hey i have download the game but it work so slowly do u know how to fix it

  • Jupix

    Thanks for update of nice texture pack….
    Will you make other resolutions too? like x128 and so on? I was comfortable with x64 and x256 is bit too much for my machine…

  • minecraft


  • devin

    There are some major flaws with this pack. Its the best looking, but its missing a lot of skins such as carrots, potatos and a map (the worst of all, needed badly for exploring).

    Please update :( !

  • 2facee

    what link is it??/

    • gtaDRUNK6

      the one under the install instructoins

  • http://lb

    why not on mod ai put in the texture mods but not working why?…

  • Ben

    Where are the new things from 1.4???

  • comandos

    You need fix carrots potatoes skulls witch mob bat whiter more stuff of 1.4.5 if you have time work to that update, this is best texture pack i see good job but you need fix it :)

  • Reddy

    Where is the Water, Lava, Potato and Carrot Texture?

  • Megaellyphant

    Is there a 64x or a 32x download link?

    • admin

      Hi Megaellyphant,
      Download link is for 128x.

  • lilocowboy

    It does not matter if it is broken or not. I have been able to download it but it really has not been updated for 1.4.6 in any way.

  • Cemotil

    i downloaded it and the particles were just squares and the Gui was just white in survival

  • Alessandra

    Ich liebe dieses Texture Pack ♥ Das ist mit Meine Kraft von Honeyball eins meiner Favoriten!

  • Lolgrik

    ……… .. …………. .

  • Ecocide

    dude we cant use this without the carrots, potatoes, gems, map, lava and water you just need to create these things in the terrain.png file of the game unfortunately i cannot do this as the layout of your terrain.png is a little alien to me so please fix this so that people may actually use the best texture pack minecraft has unfortunately at the moment this is amateur at best because instead of updating it you simply force filed the old pack to work on new minecraft that’s like saying a golf is faster than a jaguar just because it has seat covers. its pointless and upsetting.

  • micah

    only if it was not super lagy i would love it. But its pretty slow that its not worth it…

  • http://Websitedoesn'twork X0X0candyX0X0

    Why I can’t downloud? :DD

  • MinecraftGood

    Link now works ! :)

  • Double(*J*)

    link still broken :(