Minecraft Forge API 1.5.2 for Minecraft 1.5.2

Minecraft Forge API 1.5.2 - Download Minecraft Forge API for Minecraft 1.5.2. Now your designed mods are compatible with the Minecraft Forge Mod. Minecraft Forge API implements a new usage technique and a new GUI who makes your MODs not only more efficient, but also very intelligent. However this MOD is not compatible with Modloader, so make sure you don’t install Modloader before or after the installation itself. It is possible that Minectaft can run with both MODs installed but the game may crash, so it’s safer if you stick to the plan and all the features will be available for your game.


Minecraft Forge API 1.5.2 Changelog


  • Tools for Modders to sign there jars
  • Ability to WorldTypes to display the ‘Customize’ button and react to it
  • Chunk load events for client side worlds
  • Re-write of block update packets to reduce unneeded tile entity network traffic
  • Registry method to allow for alternative TileEntity names
  • Gave entities and tile entities access to the second render pass for translucency.
  • Re-worked Chest item generation
  • Callback in Item for armors that are currently being worn
  • Callback in item to check if it can be equiped as armor
  • Add item frame transformations to the EntityItem render helper
  • Kill generated timestamp in config files, if you want to retreive this information
  • ItemStack sensitive versions of Item.getPotionEffect and Item.isPotionIngredient
  • Allowed mods to speicy ‘domains’ for textures: /mods/{domain}/textures/<item|block>/{texture}.png
  • Rework configuration, configs should now use Config.hasChanged to deterne if thehould call save()
  • Callback on TextureStitched to control texture loading
  • New world event for controlling potential entity spawnlists
  • Add an Icon to the LiquidStack, for rendering the liquid in various ways
  • Support the MCP format of partial reobfuscation for portability. Ensure modloader-like compatibility
  • Deprecated Forge’s ISidedInventroy, there is a vanilla solution
  • Temporary config option to use legacy furnace slot orientation
  • Scala support! It’s still primitive, I hope that people will like it. I do
  • Global object registry, also, support the new itemblockwithmetadata constructor
  • Use the reobfuscation maps in the reflection helper for field lookups: should help some reflection cases with the deobf.
  • Change type of connection queue to a concurrent linked queue. Much more efficient, hopefully
  • Some tweaks to the liquid dictionary, to allow for canonical liquid stacks for things like rendering
  • Add call to EntityLiving when counting entities for Spawning Cap
  • Config toggle to atempt to remove TileEntities and Entities that error during there update without fully crashing the server, use at your own risk

Bug Fix:

  • Check in getItem() to allow lowest item ID
  • “Entity already added” when using the dormant chunk cache system
  • Catch exceptions in TileEntityChestRenderer
  • Issues with vanilla blocks and silk touch
  • Chunk manager will nolonger issue tickets over the configured limit
  • TESR Culling for double chests, beacons, and enchanting tables
  • ServerBrand retriever- forge is now forge,fml
  • Profiler issue with RenderGlobal patch
  • EventTransformer throwing an NPE when transforming a class that doesn’t exist
  • Fortune modifier always passed as 0 to idDropped
  • Stacking of items in creative invetories for deletion
  • LiquidStack.isLiquidEqual(ItemStack) properly check the contained liquid, in addition to obvious id/meta
  • Actually use the line parameter in ServerChatEvent
  • Entity colision above max world height, and below 0
  • Disable automatic equipt of picked up items for players, and fixed index issues in Player.setCurrentItemOrArmor
  • Movement speed hack checks
  • WorldGen*Trees shoud now respect custom soils
  • ItemSeedFood respecting custom soils
  • Capture Minecraft logs into FML logging
  • Early define CrashReport classes to combat invalid crash details
  • State transition derp when the server crashes with an error- it shouldn’t double-derp
  • Multi-part entity children ID issue, mobs with custom spawning must deal with child ids themselves.
  • “0 mods” display when installed in forge.
  • Coremods without a manifest crashing the game
  • RenderItem to work with items that use the terrain texture map that aren’t in the block ID range

Video tutorial for install forge for minecraft 1.5.2 in this vide:

Here goes the installation tutorial for Forge API 1.5.2:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge for your minecraft version;
  • Browse your bin folder inside the minecraft folder and open minecraft.jar;
  • Open the downloaded Minecraft Forge zip file and drag all the files into your minecraft.jar;
  • Enjoy!

Download API Forge for Minecraft 1.5.2

  • Joe

    You no longer need ModLoader to load Minecraft Forge. It has ModLoader within its file set

  • Wurmi32

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    • Bob

      Jenkins is the website in which all of the Forge downloads are put out to the public

  • Louis

    i follow the directions and i book up minecraft and it says done loading and freazes

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    I tried to download this tool, but it sends me to a some sort of website…..Forge Downloads which it had thousands of links and I don’t what link is the correct one? can somebody help me? I’m new at downloading mods and tools! this is my second try ’cause the first try I had is the third mod I install won’t work.

  • noobz123

    Oh! never mind! I downloaded it safely…..or……. am I wrong?

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  • Tell Me Why

    Tell me why! When I do EXACTLY what it says, at first it starts working, then the Mojang logo comes up, then it crashes. In the crash report, it tells me that something was wrong with the Modloader. I tried installing it without the Modloader, but it still happens. Do I need another Forge download or what? Tell me!

  • Somekind.of.An.Downloader

    Hey.. when i clicked the download link ad.fly appears and something says PLEASE WAIT….. It’s not moving

    • http://vorein@hotmail.co.uk Daniel

      At the top right corner you will see Skip ad after the countdown,you press on it and your download begins.

  • Aryan

    first up it works. it gets past the mojang screen and then i press singleplayer, it crashes! WHAT DO I DO??

  • George

    What’s the trick to download this? All I get is mplayer or the stupid donwload manager.

  • Alex

    I downloaded it correctly, but when I run minecraft the screen goes black and doesn’t load. Believe me, I’ve waited. Help me please.

    • http://minecraftgood.com admin

      Hi Alex,
      Remove .minecraft folder and make a new update for minecraft, then install forge api! More information in the video above.

  • to many people…

    anyone know where i can download this where there are NOT 3000 people trying to access the page at the same second?

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      Now working on Minecraft 1.5.1 !

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    sorry…. i meant asshole.

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