Custom NPCs Mod 1.4.7 for Minecraft 1.4.7


Custom NPC MOD is a really useful mod and if you ever thought that this game is missing a NPC for something, then this MOD is exactly what you are looking for.


It implements a series of NPCs with different abilities which seems to be very helpful. There is Itemgiver NPC who gives you items if you interact with him from its inventory and all these items can be given randomly, all or only that one that you don’t have yet ( for getting items you have to be 10 blocks away from this NPC ). Trader NPC who trades you items ( a maxim amount of 12 ). Mercenary NPC will do your job but you have to pay him. Bank NPC has 6 slots that can be unlocked and you can add there whatever you want. Guard NPC is protecting you from monsters. And at least Transporter NPC who transports you wherever you want!

This is for sure one of the helpful MODs and you should download it right away! Don’t lose the opportunity.

Installation tutorial:

  1. Download Minecraft Forge API and install it;
  2. Download Custom NPC MOD;
  3. Locate your bin folder inside your minecraft folder and open your minecraft.jar file;
  4. Drag all the content of the downloaded MOD inside your minecraft.jar file;
  5. Enjoy the MOD!

Download Custom NPCs Mod 1.4.7 for Minecraft 1.4.7

  • DualVission

    This is an update request, I think

  • Wihihi

    you can find .minecraft file by going to “start” type run in the search box then type %appdata% in the searchbox again.


    Everything works and i have too many items mod and minecraft forge but i cant find the items like npc wand tool and stuff like that?

  • Ohren

    I can’t edit my traders stuff can you fix that or is there something I’m doing wrong I have minecraft forge please help or fix.